A Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler

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Scotty’s Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler – These are cigars that vary in strength but will enhance and make your coffee experience exceptional. I personally smoke each cigar with black coffee regularly.  Being a coffee aficionado, these cigars are chosen with coffee in mind as your beverage of choice.

1x Blackworks Studios Rorschach Sumatran
1x Big Sky Yellowstone
1x Stolen Throne Call to Arms
1x Warfighter 5.56 Field Connecticut Shade
1x Founders Franklin Connecticut

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A Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler – The Perfect Pairing

For the discerning palate that finds joy in the robust notes of a fresh brew and the intricate layers of a hand-rolled cigar, the fusion of these worlds is nothing short of magical. Enter the “Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler,” an ensemble of five exquisite cigars, each exuding flavors and aromas that dance harmoniously with your favorite cup of joe. This handpicked collection offers an aromatic bridge between the art of coffee-making and cigar craftsmanship. From the robust intensity of Black Works Studio Rorschach Sumatra to the creamy notes of the Founders Franklin Connecticut New Blend, every cigar in this sampler promises an experience that will resonate with every coffee lover.

Black Works Studio Rorschach Sumatra: A journey of robust flavors and intensity, the Black Works Studio Rorschach Sumatra offers a striking blend of Sumatran wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler. It delights the senses with bold charred wood notes, a stimulating punch of black pepper, and a contrasting hint of sweetness. Perfectly balanced and rich, it’s a cornerstone of the Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler, promising an exhilarating experience for all cigar enthusiasts.

Big Sky Cigars Yellowstone: A masterpiece from Big Sky Cigars, the Yellowstone Connecticut Shade is handcrafted with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler. Light and delicate, it whispers flavors of hay, sweet cream, honey, and baking herbs, creating a harmonious blend reminiscent of serene landscapes. It’s a gentle yet flavorful addition to the Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler.

Stolen Throne Call to Arms: Blending traditional craftsmanship with modern flavor profiles, the Stolen Throne Call to Arms is a medium-strength cigar wrapped in a Colorado-colored Sumatra shell. Its unique flavor profile mixes sweet honey with earthy peanut butter, chamomile tea, cocoa butter, and milk chocolate. The Stolen Throne Call to Arms offers a familiar yet refreshing smoke, making it an intriguing part of the Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler.

Warfighters 5.56 MM Field Connecticut Shade Cigar: A blend of artistry and complexity, the Warfighters 5.56 MM Field Connecticut Shade Cigar boasts an international tapestry of flavors from its Honduran Connecticut Shade wrapper, Nicaraguan Habano binder, and fillers from Ometepe, Colombia, and Condega. It promises a dynamic experience of spice, leather, and woodiness. Its transformative flavor profile and superior craftsmanship make it a standout in the Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler.

Founders Franklin Connecticut New Blend: An epitome of indulgence, the Founders Franklin Connecticut New Blend is crafted with a smooth Connecticut wrapper and a mix of P. Cubano Seco, P. Cubano Ligero, and Broadleaf Viso fillers. With its elegant creaminess, luxurious cedar notes, warm leather, and coffee with cream, it’s akin to savoring a gourmet dessert. This cigar elevates the Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler with its mesmerizing taste and construction.

In summary, the Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler is a curated selection that bridges the worlds of coffee and cigars, promising a sensory journey of flavors and craftsmanship. Each cigar in the sampler offers a unique experience, ensuring a rich, aromatic, and delightful session for every coffee lover.

And thus, as the aroma of roasted beans intertwines with the rich tobacco of our curated cigars, the “Coffee Lover’s 5 Pack Sampler” concludes its tale. Each cigar, with its unique blend and profile, offers a sensory experience that pairs exquisitely with the depth and warmth of a well-brewed coffee. This collection stands as a testament to the delightful intersections of two beloved crafts. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar aficionado or a coffee connoisseur seeking to delve into the world of premium cigars, this sampler serves as your perfect companion. Let each draw be an ode to mornings steeped in rich coffee aromas and evenings mellowed by the embrace of smoke, culminating in a symphony of flavors that every coffee lover will cherish.

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