Lotus CEO Triple Flame Lighter

  • Triple torch flames
  • Fuel level window
  • Fold out cigar punch
  • Lights to 12,000 feet

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Lotus CEO Triple Flame Lighter

Experience superior craftsmanship and uncompromising performance with the Lotus CEO Triple Flame Lighter. This outstanding lighter brings together innovation, functionality, and robust design, promising an unparalleled lighting experience to cigar enthusiasts. The Lotus CEO Triple Flame Lighter boasts triple torch flames that deliver a powerful and even light, making it a reliable companion for your cigar sessions. Regardless of the size or the type of cigar you prefer, this lighter can handle it all, providing a perfect, even burn every time.
A convenient fuel level window takes the guesswork out of refilling. With just a glance, you can determine when it’s time to top up, ensuring you’re always ready to light up your favorite cigar.  One of the lighter’s standout features is its large flame adjuster. This makes it incredibly easy to control the intensity of your flame, accommodating both your preference and the needs of your cigar.
Built to last, the Lotus CEO Triple Flame Lighter features an all-metal housing. This robust construction ensures longevity and reliability, offering consistent performance over time. For cigar aficionados who appreciate the convenience, the lighter also comes with a fold-out cigar punch. This handy tool helps you prepare your cigar for smoking, eliminating the need for separate accessories.
The lighter’s high altitude performance is noteworthy – it lights up to 12,000 feet. Whether you’re a mountaineer seeking solace in smoking a cigar while soaking up mountain views or you live in high-altitude areas, this lighter ensures a flawless performance.
In essence, the Lotus CEO Triple Flame Lighter is more than just an accessory. It’s a fusion of impeccable design, advanced features, and reliable functionality that enhances your cigar experience, whether you’re at sea level or high up in the mountains.

Black, Antique Pewter & Black, Gunmetal Satin & Black, Copper Satin & Black


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