Lotus Monarch Quad Flame Lighter

  • Quadruple pinpoint torch flames
  • Cigar rest cap
  • Tinted Fuel level window
  • Fold out cigar punch
  • Lights to 12,000 feet

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Lotus Monarch Quad Flame Lighter

Unveiling the Lotus Monarch Quad Flame Lighter w/ Cigar Rest & Punch, an epitome of functionality, aesthetic brilliance, and outstanding performance that is set to revolutionize your cigar lighting experience.  Leading the innovation is its quadruple pinpoint torch flames that produce a powerful and consistent light, which makes for an easy and even cigar lighting. This feature not only caters to a broad range of cigar sizes and types, but it also guarantees a perfect burn for your smoking pleasure.
One of the distinguishing features of this lighter is the cigar rest cap. This unique design allows you to safely place your cigar during your smoking breaks, making for an unparalleled level of convenience. Complementing the rest cap is the tinted fuel level window that lets you easily keep track of your lighter’s fuel level. With just a quick look, you’ll know exactly when it’s time to refill, ensuring that your lighter is always ready for use.
The Lotus Monarch Quad Flame Lighter stands out for its sturdy and sleek all-metal housing, ensuring longevity and dependable performance for years to come. This robust construction also complements the lighter’s free-standing design, adding a touch of elegance to any setting. The lighter also comes equipped with a fold-out cigar punch, a handy tool that allows for a perfect cut each time, saving you the hassle of carrying a separate cigar cutter.  An impressive feature of the Lotus Monarch Quad Flame Lighter is its ability to light up to an altitude of 12,000 feet. Regardless of whether you’re enjoying your cigar on a mountaintop or in your backyard, this lighter promises a reliable performance.
In summary, the Lotus Monarch Quad Flame Lighter w/ Cigar Rest & Punch isn’t just an accessory; it’s a fusion of practicality, design excellence, and outstanding features that’s set to elevate your cigar experience to new heights.

Black, Chrome & Black, Gunmetal & Carbon Fiber, Brown & Copper

1 review for Lotus Monarch Quad Flame Lighter

  1. Mike Glover (store manager)

    GREAT Value for the price. This has become my “go to” torch for my cigars.

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