Warfighters 50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro

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Cigar Information

Cigar Manufacturer: Warfighter

Cigar Origin: Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Wrapper: Habano Oscuro Maduro (Honduras)

Binder: Connecticut (Honduras)

Filler: Habano (Ometepe, Nicaragua) Habano (Estelí, Nicaragua) Habano Ligero (Condega, Nicaragua)


Warfighters 50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro

The Warfighters 50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro Cigar stands as a tribute to the uncompromising spirit of global Warfighters, meticulously crafted in the heart of Esteli, Nicaragua. It embodies a unique flavor orchestra conducted by a robust blend of international influences, all harmoniously encapsulated within its dark and bold form.

The Warfighters 50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro cigar showcases a luxurious Habano Oscuro Maduro wrapper, sourced from the rich soils of Honduras. The wrapper’s enchanting darkness perfectly mirrors the cigar’s robust flavor profile, making it an intriguing exploration for the curious palate.  Held within the robust embrace of a Connecticut binder, also from Honduras, lies an impressive assembly of fillers. Sourced from the esteemed tobacco-growing regions of Ometepe and Estelí in Nicaragua, and spiced with a touch of Habano Ligero from Condega, the fillers lend their unique characteristics to this exceptional blend. Each component harmoniously contributes to the cigar’s vibrant flavor tapestry, creating a symphony of tastes that captivates from start to finish.

The Warfighters 50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro Cigar presents a boldly orchestrated flavor performance that is as dark as its “double” or “black” Maduro moniker suggests. As your smoking journey begins, strong notes of leather and earth tones take center stage, their resounding presence creating a full-bodied overture.
Amidst the robust tones, an accompaniment of spice and pepper dances on your palate, adding a dynamic twist to the flavor narrative. There’s an unexpected intermission of sweetness, a subliminal echo that softly punctuates the bold flavors. This nuanced sweetness doesn’t detract from the cigar’s strength but lends a delightful counterbalance that makes each puff a fascinating exploration.
Despite the strength of the flavors, the Warfighters 50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro Cigar has an underlying buttery note that runs through its core, lending an elegant smoothness to the overall smoking experience. This buttery undercurrent ties all the disparate flavors into a cohesive narrative, adding a refined touch to the bold smoking journey.
This meticulously crafted cigar perfectly represents the art of cigar making, combining an enticing Habano Oscuro Maduro wrapper, a resilient Connecticut binder, and expertly chosen fillers from Ometepe, Estelí, and Condega. From the initial bold taste of leather and earth tones to the complementary notes of spice and pepper, and the subtle sweetness and buttery finish, the Warfighters 50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro Cigar promises an unparalleled smoking experience.
The Warfighters 50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro Cigar is a journey exploring varied taste landscapes. It is a harmonious blend of strength and subtlety, a symphony of flavors that pay tribute to the robust spirit of Warfighters worldwide. This cigar is not just a sum of its parts; it is a flavorful voyage that promises to be bold, beautifully balanced, and undeniably captivating with every draw.
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Single Cigar, 5-Pack, Box

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  1. Joey Hudson (verified owner)

  2. Roger Collins (verified owner)

  3. Alex S. (verified owner)


  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Vic G. (verified owner)

    I have previously submitted more than one review praising TORO for both quality and customer service. The same would hold true for this review but I want to compliment Ken and Mike for doing “a solid” for an active duty Army junior officer recently. I’m not going into specifics for obvious reasons but Ken and Mike are straight up “stand up guys.” They didn’t have to do what they did nor did they do it for the publicity but just because they are great guys running a great company and are true to their word of supporting the troops. Thanks Gentlemen. Regards,

  6. Gary Cuchna (verified owner)

    The D.E. under crown was my go to maduro, lately the construction has gotten worse. The Warfighter maduro .50 cal field and garrison are now my new go To’s

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  8. Jamie D. (verified owner)

    Warfighter cigars are one of my favs

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