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Welcome to the exciting world of veteran-owned cigar companies, where each smoke is much more than a pastime—it’s a narrative of valor, camaraderie, and heritage. Veteran entrepreneurs across the United States have harnessed their formidable experiences from the battlefield to craft cigars that are not just products, but symbols of a shared legacy. From the rich soils of the Dominican Republic to the historic tobacco fields of Cuba, these veterans bring a unique blend of tradition and innovation to the cigar industry. Companies like Warfighter Tobacco, Founders Cigar Company, and GTO Cigars not only offer exceptional smokes but also embody the enduring spirit of those who have served. These businesses stand as a testament to the strength, resilience, and tight-knit bonds formed under the most challenging conditions. 

Through their stories and cigars, they foster a community that extends far beyond the military, inviting all to partake in the rich heritage and the deep-seated values they uphold. Each cigar rolled and each blend perfected carries with it the echoes of past sacrifices and the promise of future gatherings. Join us as we delve into the remarkable journeys of these veteran-owned cigar companies, exploring how they transform personal and collective military experiences into artful expressions of craftsmanship and friendship. In this blog post, we celebrate not just the taste and aroma of finely crafted cigars but the profound connections they forge among veterans and civilians alike. So light up, lean back, and discover the extraordinary world where every puff resonates with history and heroism.

Veteran Owned Cigar Company Offerings

Warfighter Cigars

Warfighter Tobacco Company, LLC is a proud testament to the grit and resilience of combat veterans who, through smoke and camaraderie, share their stories in every hand-rolled cigar we offer. Owned and operated by those who’ve served on the front lines, we understand that while we’re not heroes, we’ve had the honor of standing shoulder to shoulder with true warriors. Our brand is a tribute to the unsung, the brave souls whose tales of valor are often told quietly over a good smoke. 

Each cigar in our collection is named after a military grade, a nod to the strength and character of the men and women who define those ranks. We’re not just selling cigars; we’re offering a piece of a brotherhood forged under fire, a chance to savor the bonds that only those who’ve faced battle truly understand. At Warfighter Tobacco, we blend tradition and tenacity, ensuring every puff resonates with the spirit of those who serve. So, light up one of our cigars and join us in honoring every unsung hero whose story is etched in the smoke trails of history. This is Warfighter Tobacco—where every cigar is a salute to courage.

Founders Cigars

Founders Cigars, veteran-owned and initiated during the early 2020 pandemic, began as a small gathering of friends who bonded over weekly bonfires and cigars. During a time when the world was largely isolated, cigars unexpectedly fostered connections.

Founded to inspire similar bonds, Founders draws from the profound legacy of the American spirit to create classic cigars with unique profiles that ignite conversations, encourage friendships, and strengthen communities.

Our cigars are crafted to reflect the enduring qualities of the men and women who shaped America into the formidable nation it is today. Made with the finest tobaccos, each cigar tells a story of American identity.

We view cigars as more than a hobby—they are a means to forge community. From the inviting scent of a newly lit cigar to the fellowship among aficionados, cigars uniquely unite people. This drives our commitment to cultivate a community of enthusiasts who value exceptional quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and the ritual of cigar smoking.

By celebrating the varied founders of America, we aim to unite both friends and strangers through exceptional cigars, echoing a nation united by shared fate. E pluribus unum!

GTO Cigars

GTO Cigars, proudly veteran-owned and operated. For nearly a century, Oscar’s lineage has expertly cultivated first-generation Cuban seed tobacco on their farm in the rich soils of Valle del Cibao, Dominican Republic. In 2010, armed with over 80 years of family expertise in tobacco farming and cigar manufacturing, Oscar launched Tabacalera GTO Dominicana to craft his exclusive GTO brand of premium cigars.

This Tabacalera is renowned for its innovative cigar styles and blends, seamlessly blending time-honored methods with modern innovation. Oscar’s range includes everything from mild to medium blends to robust “sticks of dynamite,” featuring triple ligero for a potent, full-bodied experience. Notable among these are his inventive Doble Capas barber-pole style cigars and the Pain Killer line, available in both maduro and corojo wrappers. GTO Cigars is a boutique manufacturer dedicated to producing limited quantities of finely aged, high-quality premium cigars. Oscar’s commitment to quality ensures no cigar is rushed to market prematurely. We invite you to experience the distinct quality of GTO cigars and witness firsthand our dedication to excellence.

HDA Cigars

HDA Cigars, a veteran-owned company, is driven by a simple passion: the love of a good cigar. Established to craft a distinct brand that melds their military heritage with the boldest flavors, HDA commits to maintaining the highest quality through time-honored traditions. The Hermanos pledge to ensure that every cigar they produce is one they would proudly smoke themselves, guaranteeing a personal touch of excellence in each product.

Blanco Cigars

Blanco Cigars, deeply rooted in veteran traditions and rich history, was established in 1998 in the USA, drawing from a familial legacy in tobacco that dates back to Cuba’s renowned Piñar del Rio province. This heritage is intertwined with their cousins of 80 years, the esteemed Plasencia family, who are recognized as leading figures in the tobacco industry. The Plasencias manage extensive farming and manufacturing operations across Danlí, Honduras, and Estelí, Nicaragua, maintaining a legacy of excellence.

Headquartered in Clearwater, FL, The Blanco Cigar Company operates its corporate offices and North America distribution center. Upholding a strong commitment to family values, the Blanco family runs a business where many family members play integral roles across various aspects of operations, fostering a tight-knit, family-oriented enterprise.

Double Tap Cigars

Double Tap Cigars, proudly veteran-owned, was founded by three friends united by a mission to introduce exceptional cigars to aficionados worldwide. Since its inception, Double Tap has launched three unique cigars, including the widely acclaimed “Cocaine in the White House.” Each of the founders has served in the US military, bringing a strong sense of pride and commitment to their venture as veterans.

Hooten Young Cigars

Hooten Young Cigars and Whiskey isn’t just a brand; it’s a veteran-owned tribute to camaraderie and storytelling. On a night filled with reminiscences of the past and dreams for the future, the founders realized the best way to honor those who had passed was to keep their stories alive—stories that flowed more freely as the nights progressed. The answer to making the most of these prolonged evenings? A fine cigar, a rich bourbon, or a vintage red wine that lingered into the night.

They understood that the very elements that united them could also bring others together. Thus, Hooten Young was born out of the narratives exchanged—crafted not only to encourage people to take a moment to slow down and bond with those around them but also to honor and remember the lost and to celebrate the selfless deeds of servicemen and servicewomen.

Veteran Owned Cigar Companies In The Cigar Industry

In the bustling world of artisan cigars, the contributions of veteran-owned companies like Warfighter Tobacco, Founders Cigar Company, GTO Cigars, HDA Cigars, Blanco Cigars, Double Tap Cigars, and Hooten Young Cigars and Whiskey are not just about crafting premium smokes but embodying a spirit of camaraderie, resilience, and heritage. These companies, forged from the bonds of service and sacrifice, bring unique stories and rich histories to each hand-rolled cigar, creating not only a product but a profound experience. 

At Warfighter Tobacco, every cigar is a nod to military grades, reflecting the strength and valor of those who have served, turning a simple smoke into a salute to courage. Meanwhile, Founders Cigar Company arose amidst the global isolation of the early 2020 pandemic, fostering community through the shared rituals of smoking, igniting conversations, and solidifying bonds. GTO Cigars showcases the expertise of a family legacy spanning nearly a century, blending traditional and innovative styles that cater to all palates, from mild to explosively robust flavors. HDA Cigars, too, pledges uncompromising quality, infusing their military heritage into every cigar to deliver bold flavors that veterans and civilians alike can cherish. 

Blanco Cigars draws from a deep familial lineage tied to Cuba’s renowned tobacco fields, delivering a smoke steeped in history and familial dedication. Double Tap Cigars, known for their unique offerings like “Cocaine in the White House,” exemplify the audacious spirit of its veteran founders, bringing a distinctive flair to the cigar community. Lastly, Hooten Young, intertwining cigars and whiskey, captures the essence of veterans’ storytelling, transforming each gathering into an opportunity to honor the past while savoring the present. 

These veteran-owned companies are more than businesses; they are custodians of stories, tradition, and a brotherhood that extends beyond the battlefield. Each puff from their cigars offers a moment of reflection, a taste of history, and a connection to the indomitable spirit of those who’ve served. This collective narrative of resilience, tradition, and community continues to enrich the cigar industry, ensuring that the legacy of our veterans is honored in each meticulously crafted cigar.

FAQ About Veteran Owned Cigar Companies

Veteran-owned cigar companies are unique because they infuse the formidable experiences and stories of valor from veterans into every cigar they craft. These companies, like Warfighter Tobacco, Founders Cigar Company, and GTO Cigars, not only offer premium smokes but also embody the spirit of camaraderie, resilience, and heritage. Each product serves as a symbol of a shared legacy, making every smoke a narrative of history and heroism.

Some notable veteran-owned cigar companies include Warfighter Tobacco, Founders Cigar Company, GTO Cigars, HDA Cigars, Blanco Cigars, Double Tap Cigars, and Hooten Young Cigars and Whiskey. These companies are known for their commitment to quality and their unique contributions to the cigar industry, each bringing a different element of veteran heritage into their products.

Warfighter Tobacco’s cigars are distinguished by their military-themed branding, with each cigar named after a military grade. This branding reflects the strength and character of military personnel, resonating with the spirit of those who serve. The company blends tradition with tenacity, ensuring that each cigar offers a salute to courage, making their products more than just cigars—they’re a piece of a brotherhood forged under fire.

Founders Cigar Company was initiated during the early 2020 pandemic as a small gathering of friends bonding over weekly bonfires and cigars. This venture was founded to inspire similar bonds that cigars unexpectedly fostered during a time of global isolation. Founders draws from the profound legacy of the American spirit to create cigars that encourage friendships, ignite conversations, and strengthen communities.

GTO Cigars stands out due to its nearly century-long family expertise in tobacco farming and cigar manufacturing. Led by Oscar, who launched Tabacalera GTO Dominicana, the company is known for its innovative styles and blends, including triple ligero robust cigars and Doble Capas barber-pole style cigars. They are committed to producing limited quantities of finely aged, high-quality premium cigars.

Veteran-owned cigar companies significantly enrich the cigar industry by bringing unique stories and rich histories to each hand-rolled cigar. They embody a spirit of camaraderie, resilience, and heritage, offering products that are not just smokes but profound experiences. These companies ensure that the legacy of veterans is honored in each meticulously crafted cigar, continuing a narrative of resilience and community in the industry.

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